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Small image courtesy of: Intopalo *This is the first in a series of blogs examining Sensor-2-Server communications, development and implementation. Throughout history, industrial revolutions have hinged on the power of automating processes. While automation today offers many benefits, imagine if you could automate thousands - or even millions - of processes simultaneously? This is the next potential wave of innovation, and it's the organizations that are "geographically dispersed" or "automation heavy" that will benefit the most. While long-range communications and connectivity have become increasingly easier to attain, businesses need to be able to break down their isolated islands of automation in industry to achieve comprehensive and connected automation at scale. For example, there always has been a clear line dividing operations technology (OT) and information... (more)

CSC Joins VMware vCloud Datacenter Services

"One promise of cloud is making ‘as a service' the new reality for IT," said Siki Giunta, vice president, Cloud Computing and Software Services, CSC. "Organizations should place emphasis on the services that support the business and mission - availability of a service, performance of the service, cost of the service - not the servers, the networks, and the storage. Our mutual customers will benefit from the combination of CSC's experience in onboarding, managed services and security, and VMware's continued innovation and leadership in virtualization and cloud technologies." CSC and VMware on Monday announced that CSC will join the VMware vCloud Datacenter Services Program and will offer CloudCompute and CSC BizCloud as VMware vCloud Datacenter Services. CSC CloudCompute is the consistent Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in the CSC Trusted Cloud Datacenters and i... (more)

First Responders: Saving Lives, Time and Money Through Innovation | @ThingsExpo #IoT

According to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2013 there were 369,500 home fires causing some $6.8 billion in damages1 - plus an additional 98,000 apartment structure fires contributing an additional $1.6 billion in losses2. A frightening picture, isn't it? The numbers are staggering - and yet innovation for emergency responders at both a local and national has not been a priority. The Internet of Things (IoT) aims to change that. Companies are now exploring how IoT technology can disrupt the way emergency responders do their jobs, saving countless lives and millions of dollars in the process. The IoT also holds immense promise for industrial applications, which often take place in remote locations where connectivity and communication platforms are rarely available. How the Internet of Things is Changing the Landscape for First Responders and Industry ... (more)

Are Your Applications vAvailable?

At Marathon Technologies, we service a range of industries that must have their applications up and running at all times, or as we call it: vAvailable. vAvailable is the integration of virtualization and high availability technologies to create a cost-effective solution that ensures applications won’t go down. With virtualization technologies, high availability has now launched well between today’s alternative solutions such as clustering. This session will define vAvailable and this is a huge step between today’s alternatives. Mr. Melnick will discuss a new standard for application availability using virtualization technology that embraces Windows and business process applications. Sponsor Virtualization Conference & Expo Register Now and Save! Submit Your Speaking Proposal Speaker Bio: Jerry has held positions at PPGx, Inc., Belmont Research and Di... (more) Will Redefine Data-as-a-Service

I’ve been in several meetings recently that have hit on the topic of will become a repository for all the information the government collects, and that information will be in turn available to anyone who needs it.   Pretty positive move, if you ask me.   However, the existing data-as-a-service providers that traffic in government data could find that they are soon suffering from relevancy problems.  The core issue is that many existing data-as-a-service players make their living from publishing reconstituted, and cleansed, government data that they charge for.    The rise of will mean the commoditization of this information, which will be accessible, both through visual interfaces, and using APIs (Web services), if I understand the government’s vision here.  Thus, overnight could become the mother of all data-as-a-service sites, p... (more)

The Top Five DaaS Cloud Companies

Data as a Service can empower your business, or help you develop great web apps quickly and easily. Not everybody believes in the validity of the term “data as a service,” but these opinions seem to be held mostly by academics and niche bloggers who are resistant to “yet another –aaS acronym” (which is understandable, I guess). There is still no entry for the term DaaS on Wikipedia. But whatever you want to call it, the vendors who are leading the charge for this kind of functionality – data on tap as and when you need it, priced affordably – are calling it DaaS, and as far as I’m concerned, they offer the service so they make the rules. Here’s my top 5, unranked: StrikeIron I believe StrikeIron coined the term “Data as a Service,” positioning itself as a supermarket for data. It seems to me that since CEO David Linthicum (link) left t... (more)

Can my PAN ride the LAN out the WAN?

In 2005, a Preventsys (now McAfee) and Qualys survey found that 52% of companies rely on a ‘Moat & Castle’ approach to Network Security but also admitted, at the time, that once the perimeter is penetrated, they are at risk. I haven’t been able to find a more recent statistic but I’m still betting that once a network is breached, it’s at risk. Networks are evolving, expanding and exploding with more data than ever before which means they also need to be smarter about who and what they allow on. They have become Application Delivery Networks and soon, truly Identity Aware. At the same time, many Enterprise networks are making interconnections with other Corporate networks enabling Federation or trust between the two to create an extended network. The good news/bad news about this is that according to Verizon Business’ “2009 Data Breach Investigations Report (pdf)” 32... (more)

Working with Table Storage on the Windows Azure

Azure Cloud on Ulitzer If you've been working with Azure for a while then you've probably spent some time using the StorageClient sample that came with previous versions of the SDK. With the November 2009 release of the SDK (the one they'll be using at PDC 2009), they have wrapped that sample up into the SDK and refactored it to fit more in line with the conventions and quality standards of a Microsoft API. As a result, some of your code will break (but not much). Queue storage and Blob storage (discussed in upcoming posts) actually have more breaking changes than table storage. Table storage, under the hood, is exposed as an ADO.NET Data Service (formerly Astoria). As a result, if you've used the System.Data.Services.Client library before, you've already got a leg up in interacting with Azure Storage. When you're working with table storage, there are a few things ... (more)

Infobright & Talend Combine on Free Virtual Data Warehouse

Virtualization Magazine on Ulitzer Infobright, the open source data warehousing company, and Talend, the open source data integration house, have popped up with two free integrated virtual machines. One combines the Community Edition of Infobright's MySQL-based analytic database with Talend Open Studio, its data integration tool. The other bundles in the Community Edition of Jaspersoft's open source report server, JasperServer, for an end-to-end business intelligence solution. They say nobody else can hand you everything you need in minutes. There's nothing comparable. Still they're expecting only the usual single-digit percentage upgrades to their paid software. Infobright's self-managing software is supposed to reduce administrative effort by up to 90%, leverages standard servers, and reportedly needs less storage than rival products because of data compression a... (more)

Dell, Equinix and Rackspace Collaborate for OpenStack Cloud Computing Demo

"OpenStack provides an open, standard platform that gives organizations the choice of how and where to deploy a cloud, as well as the flexibility to move applications and workloads among different clouds," said Jim Curry, general manager, Rackspace Cloud Builders. "The collaboration of Dell, Equinix and Rackspace to help organizations deploy and connect OpenStack clouds enables CIOs to choose a computing environment that aligns with their business, regulatory and technical requirements." Dell, Equinix, and Rackspace, on Wednesday announced that they have collaborated to develop an OpenStack cloud demonstration and test environment. The demo environment will be available in three data centers: the Equinix International Business Exchange in Silicon Valley, Ca and Ashburn, Va, and the Rackspace data center in Chicago, Ill. The companies also plan to collaborate on add... (more)

IoT: Four Things to Watch | @ThingsExpo #IoT #M2M #InternetOfThings

What's next for IoT? There's no doubt that there's a lot more "connected things" these days and that means a lot more data. Specifically, technology is moving out of the consumers' hands and into Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Aviation and more. The spread of smart devices and sensors creates new forms of value and brings challenges for enterprises seeking to exploit this technology. However, while this boom in data has the potential to advance the industrial space in ways never before thought possible, few companies today have the right technologies in place or the right business models that can truly utilize the power of IoT. So what should enterprises know about the permeation of sensors and connected devices and how can they prepare now or risk being left behind by their faster moving competitors? Here are four things to keep an eye on: Smart Meters for... (more)